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We pay special attention to the safety of our students. Our coaches are appropriately qualified and the training facilities along with equipment are selected to guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety of the students.

All Football Academy members are covered by PZU SPORT insurance policy or similar. This type of insurance gives us great confidence that our training has the highest level of protection, especially when it comes to formalities. Your child is insured from the very first training session, as well as during trial classes, provided the online application form has been appropriately completed or signed registration documents have been submitted.

Parents/guardians! Do you know what to do when there is an accident?

  1. Please note that it is Football Academy which notifies the insurer about any incident/claim. You do not need to contact the insurance company.
  2. After treatment, download the CLAIM NOTIFICATION FORM from our website.
  3. The completed and signed form is to be sent to or other stated email address.
  4. A Football Academy employee will report it to the relevant insurance company.
  5. The FA employee is in charge of the case and will contact you as necessary. A follow-up contact with Football Academy Head Office is not required.

To meet the expectations of parents/guardians, children and managers of Football Academy as well as striving to compensate for any damage to health incurred during  Football Academy training as much as possible, all our players are covered by an additional FA Insurance policy. This provides an extra threefold cash benefit to that awarded by the insurance company. Football Academy will provide the injured party with triple the amount that has been paid by PZU S.A. or similar.

To be covered by FA Insurance policy the following documents should be sent to or similar address provided by FA:

a) personal injury certificate issued during the process carried out by the insurance company,

b) confirmation of the insurance company’s compensation transfer regarding the respective incident,

c) data for any compensation transfer.

Football Academy will pay the legal guardian of the injured child three times the value of the amount paid by the insurance company with in 14 days from the date of receipt of the complete set of documents referred to above.

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