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We want our children to get exactly what we dream about

Goalkeepers Academy is a goalkeeper soccer school network dedicated for players at the ages of 4-12 and 13-18.

Our initiative has been designed for raising the sports and organisational level of children's goalkeeping in Poland and Europe.

We utilise unique training methods and proven organisational, administrative and marketing solutions taken from Football Academy.


Students: Goalkeeping is our passion. Thus, we instil passion in children from an early age. We focus on their healthy development, active recreation and education in the spirit of fair play on and off the pitch.

Training: We share football passion with our players, encourage to take goalkeeping training and use the potential of each of them accordingly.

Equipment: To properly shape the aesthetics of children's movement, develop their physical fitness and upgrade goalkeeping skills, we adapt sports equipment to the age and capabilities of our players. 

see you at training